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A guest lecture on vehicle design and dynamics was conducted by the Automobile department of Easwari Engineering college at fifth floor LH 62 Department on 25.07.15 between 10.00 to 12.30 am. The programme was inaugurated by Dr Antony Aroul Raj ,HOD, Automobile Engg Dept who introduced the guest speaker.The session on ‘Vehicle dynamics’ was  handled by Mr Lakshman of WABCO LTD and Mr Aswath of TCS Ltd from 10.0 am to 12.0 am. They used prototypes of cars to explain various concepts of vehicle dynamics like center of gravity, roll over etc. Also they used videos to explain the concepts like ABS, EDS etc. the session was very useful, interactive and lively and the students were able to understand various concepts easily.

Overall the programme was very useful for the students and student gave a very good feed back about the programme.

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